Being an Old University Student

This isn’t easy being a very mature student; there’s a (what feels like) a massive generation chasm between me and the other students and there are occasions that I feel completely invisible and quite isolated.  However, this might be a sympton of being an old woman; I’ve heard others describe that feeling of being invisible once they reach their fifties.  I notice I introduce myself at times as being a very old student so that the other person doesn’t think I’m a member of staff.

It’s been a big week this week.  Our class had a playback of 5-7 minute dramas we had written and produced and I was, quite frankly, terrified.  In the process of making the drama I have been on a roller coaster of totally euphoric to completely depressed.  I have some amendments to make, but I will post it once they are done.  Feedback was actually quite good, despite the fact that the download created a version with glitches which was somewhat frustrating.  Luckily, the original maintained its perfections.

I’m Executive Producer for Speech at our student/community radio station and as part of this, I’m involved in setting up a new speech programme centred on local and national news.  Studying on this course there are so many ‘firsts’ for me and I feel that I should be logging or blogging them.  Despite my age, I find them just as frightening/exciting as I did at school.  So, the new news radio show starts next Tuesday.  I’m in the background trying to make sure it happens as best it can rather than presenting.  Nevertheless, I feel responsible for its success and its quality.

So, I’ve decided to use my blog to express the experience of being a mature students AND I am also going to be having a go at writing reviews of radio and maybe audio drama.  Watch this space.